The comparison between craft beer production


Oh yeah! beer design trend Spanish beer, Au Yeah!, chose a fun design inspired by the world of cowboys. Kriek limited beer release The handwriting and stamp applied to Santa Fe Brewing Co.'s beer labels lends a guarantee of product quality (via Jim Dore ) Saskiskiu Alus DIY stamp beer labels Custom stamp and recycled paper for this Lithuanian beer (via Retail Design Blog ) 3. Geometry Geometric shapes are in fashion today, they can be found in many different designs. They play with symmetry, minimalism and bring a more mature side than the hipster trend.

Straight lines and colorful dynamic photo retouching service angles draw attention to the label in a quite natural and pleasing way. Evil Twin beer labels Evil Twin Brewery uses geometric shapes on all of their labels (via Oh Beautiful Beer ) Penrose Brewing geometric beer packing Penrose Brewery went mosaic-style (via The Hop Review ) Fort Point - Minimal, geometric beer labels Fort Point Beer Co. combines geometry and minimalism (via Manual Creative ) 4. Backtracking The vintage and retro style is not really new for beer labels…but it looks like the trend will continue to exist. Now you have to find the element that will set you apart from the others and be relevant. Talking about evolution for a trend that has existed for years seems paradoxical, yet new (re)touches appear each year bringing new perspectives to beer packaging.

Hilliards beer can design Hilliard beer chose a retro 70s look (via Mint ) Malt 79 beer packaging from 99designs Designer WORKK chose a classic for Malt 79 (via 99designs ) Art Noveau inspired beer label Siris Cellars beer drew inspiration from Art Nouveau for its label (via 99designs ) 5. The elegance of wine and viticulture is something that appeals to designers. Many breweries are inspired by it to offer a similar and equally refined tasting experience. Goose Island beer labels Goose Island Belgians beer stands out from the rest thanks to its simple and refined style (via Draft Magazine ) Beautiful beer packaging design Chic and refined label from Mateo & Bernabé Maine Beer Co bottle design Minimalism and empty space; the classics of wine found at Maine Beer Co Do you have any other beer label trends to share? Share them in the comments.